“Fun Size and Venti Present”: A Spring Comedy Fling

Comedy Night Returns Tonight, March 24th with a bang at 8:30pm. No Cover as always. Guests tonight include:

J-L Cauvin 

Jackie Jax 

Adam Lucidi 

Ken Schultz 

Kenan Weaver 

Cory Jarvis 

Steve Rowella

And your fabulous hosts:

Cindee “Fun Size” Weiss and Angela “Venti” Cobb

“Fun Size and Venti Present”: A Spring Comedy Fling.

New Year’s Eve 2014


We are open all night for New Year’s Eve celebrations this year. No Cover Charge, No Private Parties. We will have a champagne toast at midnight and make some serious noise to ring in 2015.

College Football Rivalry Weekend | Bleacher Report

Here’s our last chance at a full slate of College Football games this year and it’s a good one. Michigan – Ohio State; UNC – NC State; Florida – Florida State; USC – Notre Dame; Auburn – Alabama; Mississippi State – Ole Miss; South Carolina – Clemson; Minnesota – Wisconsin. To name a few. But we’ll have ’em all.

Ultimate Guide to College Football Rivalry Weekend | Bleacher Report.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be opening at 7pm on Thursday evening. See y’all then.


Tuesday 18 November “Fun Size and Venti Present”: Fall Into Laughter

Comedy Night Returns Tuesday 18 November 2014. 8:30 pm. No Cover. Click on the link below for all the deets.

“Fun Size and Venti Present”: Fall Into Laughter.

Line Up is as of now…

Adrienne Iapalucci
Katherine Williams
Liz Miele
Lynn Bixenspan
Emma Willmann
Carole Montgomery 
Lauren Hope Krass